Wedding Etiquette & Wedding FAQs

When should I send out my wedding invitations?
We typically recommend sending out wedding invitations 6-8 weeks prior to the event. It will give your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements, and clear their schedule if they are not in town. If the wedding is a destination wedding, you may want to send out as early as 3 months in advance. Save the dates are also a great option to let guests know ahead of time of your event.
What should be my RSVP deadline?
You should make your RSVP deadline 2-3 weeks before the event date. Typically, caterers need a head count a week before the event, and the extra week will give you time to make seating arrangements.
What should I do if my guests do not respond?
If guests have not responded by your deadline, it is okay to give them a quick call to see if they can attend.
Should we include registry info on our save the dates or wedding invitations?
This practice is considered impolite because it can come off as though you are asking for gifts.
We are having an adults only wedding, no kids. How can we make this clear to our guests?
You can make sure this is taken care of by addressing your envelopes properly. Only list those invited such as Mr. & Mrs. John Smith and Jane. If you find that guests are replying with children’s names included, you can give them a call to explain.
How do we let our guests know the dress code?
The best way is to put a little note in the corner of the invite with wording such as “black-tie” or “cocktail attire”.
Do we have to give every guest without a date a plus 1?
It is perfectly acceptable to invite a guest solo if they are not married or in a serious relationship. If a majority of your single friends have plus 1s, it is probably a good idea to extend the invitation.
Where do you put the return address on wedding invitations?
The return address usually goes on the back flap of the envelope.
Can I abbreviate the address?
You should always spell out words in full such as Street, Apartment, Boulevard, etc. The same applies to state names, and house numbers smaller than 20.
How do I write out the names?
For married couples, utilize Mr. & Mrs. followed by the husbands first name and last name. Remember to utilize Dr. and Esq. where applicable. If both are doctors, Drs. is used at the beginning. When a woman keeps her maiden name, list the names in alphabetical order such as “Mrs. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith.” For an unmarried couple, place one name per line if they live together. For a single woman, under 21 utilize Miss. For a single woman over 21 utilize Ms.
How soon should thank you notes be sent?
We recommend sending thank you cards within 2 weeks of receiving a gift. Some couples may have longer honeymoons which would extend this date, so it is important to remember that the sooner the better.
Should children’s names be on the outer envelope?
No, it is not necessary, but be sure to list them on the inner envelope.
If we are having invitations professionally designed, how long in advance should we contact our designer?
We recommend a month in advance of the send-out date. Depending on the details involved in a custom design it can take a short time or a longer time for custom illustrations.
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