Wedding Thank You Card Tips

April 11, 2016

The best day of your life has come to an end, you’ve gone on your honeymoon and you get home and need to write the thank you cards. Although it seems like an easy job, many brides and grooms become tongue-tied on how to properly word these cards. Here are some tips we have for writing the perfect wedding thank you cards.

How do I thank a guest for money?

You should always thank them for the money but never mention the amount. It is also a good idea to explain what you plan on using it for such as putting it towards your honeymoon, or your new home.

How do I thank a guest for a gift?

If a guest has purchased something for you, always mention the gift specifically. An example is… Thank you so much for the beautiful vase. Daniel and I have placed it on our kitchen table and the beautiful spring flowers look amazing in it.

What if a guest did not give you a gift?

Some guests may not give you a gift. In this case, you should still send a thank you card thanking them for coming to celebrate your wedding.

How long do I have to send the thank you cards?

For gifts received before the wedding, you generally have about 2 weeks. For gifts received during or after the wedding, you should wait no more than 3 months. Obviously, the sooner you send them out the better!

What else should I talk about?

If you had a special moment with that person on your day, it is great to bring that up! Maybe you took a shot at the bar with them, or maybe you danced together. It is always a great idea to bring up a special moment!

What if I exchanged the gift they gave us?

Do not mention that you exchanged the gift, thank them for the gift sincerely.

Is it ok to type my thank you cards?

You should always handwrite thank you cards. It shows that you took the time to properly thank them.

Should children be mentioned on the thank you card?

Always include the children’s names on the thank you card. Even though the money came from the parents, it is polite to include them.

I hope this has helped! Contact us today to design custom thank you cards to match your invitations!
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