May 2, 2016

RSVP Tips for your Wedding or Event

RSVP Card Tips Here are some tips on managing your RSVP cards!

Number your RSVP cards.

Not everyone has the best handwriting. Sometimes you may get back illegible responses and it may be near impossible to recognize the name on the card. Try numbering your response cards and in your address spreadsheet mark down each number associated to a person. That way when your responses come in, you know immediately who can attend your wedding or who can not. You can even get invisible ink pens that display only under black light if you want to hide the number.

Always Provide Postage on your RSVP

One of the big things you should do for your guests. Provide the postage, your wedding should not cost them to respond.

Everyone Loves Wedding RSVP Notes

Interested in saving the response cards as a keepsake? Leave an area on the response card for people to write you well wishes. Even if you do not leave this space, you may find people leaving you cute notes.

Save Money with the RSVP Postcard

You can save money by using a RSVP postcard! Place information that the guest needs to fill out on one side and other information on the opposite side. You will not need to spend money printing addresses on a separate envelope or even the purchase of the envelopes.

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